Pianoke is one of Paul’s most recent new ventures combining the class and sophistication of live piano music with a singer, and the raucous and lively atmosphere of a karaoke bar.

With this very simple concept, for an evening of entertainment for any venue or event, Paul will set up a piano and a couple of microphones and will take requests from the audience or guests who will sing their favourite songs, just like you would with karaoke and a DJ.

Guests can choose from a standard list of karaoke favourites to sing, or can even pick their own choice of song if their chosen track isn’t on the list. Paul is exceptionally good at performing on the spot and will be able to play your song with you there and then, after maybe a quick google search for a few notes!

You then sing along, Paul will provide a bit of backing vocals to boost the performance and like any good accompanist will make sure that you look great no matter what. You miss a bit out? No problem – Paul will cover the mistake and no one will know! Forgotten the words? You won’t need to worry as Paul can provide an iPad with the lyrics to any song you wish to sing.

If there is a gap where either guests are having a rest or occupied by something else like food or drinks, then Paul will fill in the gaps and sing songs from his vast repertoire as well to keep the party going.

A fun and enjoyable night’s entertainment for everyone!