Being involved with a number of choirs and singing groups, Paul knows that one of the biggest challenges facing members is often learning parts. it is often the case that members might not read music, or have an instrument to help them learn parts.

Paul is able to offer a solution to this, and has recorded vocal rehearsal tracks for his choirs as well as other groups in the past. The tracks can be broken down by part or section and will provide each member of your ensemble a track which will help them to learn their parts.

When ordering your parts you can specify what you need, with details varying for what you need right down to things like vowel sounds or how long to hold on notes for.

All you need to do is provide Paul with a copy of thee score in some format, as well as any notes or other information that you think would be beneficial and Paul will take it from there.

Depending on the complexities of your request, most rehearsal tracks can be completed within 48 hours, but this may vary depending on the project. Please always allow plenty of time just in case.

If you would like to purchase a set of rehearsal tracks, please complete the following form giving as much information as possible and Paul will be in touch with a quote.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please upload a copy of the score or anything else that is relevant (PDF only)
Please give details as to what you would like for your rehearsal track

For examples of Paul’s previous rehearsal tracks, please listen below or on Paul’s SoundCloud page.

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Rehearsal Tracks