Paul offers a composition and arranging lesson to more advanced music theory students as well as musicians who are wanting to be able to notate their music.

Being able to convert your performed music into written music which can then be performed by other musicians is sometimes overlooked, but is vitally important in the role of a well rounded musician.

There are many ways of notating music, either with the traditional notes on a stave, but composition and arranging can nowadays also be done with the use of computer software (such as Sibelius) and DAWs (such as Logic Pro X). If you are wanting to compose your own music or arrange music, Paul can help you achieve your goals, both in the technological department, as well as with the theory and the practical side of writing music as well.

This lesson has become very popular over recent years with students who are taking Music exams at school and college who have perhaps focussed a lot on the performance and require some additional help with the composition side of their course. Another popular use of this class has been for members of ensembles who want their own music but don’t know how to go about arranging music for them. They have come for help with writing their own arrangements of songs to be able to enhance their performances.

Lessons for composition and arranging are tailored to suit your needs, so if this is something that you would be interested in then just contact Paul to arrange a lesson.

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