Music Production is really quite a new area for one to one lessons away from music colleges and professional studios, but with access to production software becoming more and more readily available, it is a natural evolution for music teachers to move into.

Paul has been using a wide variety of software for many different purposes for the last decade and longer in some cases, and is incredibly versatile in the uses of these systems. Starting to learn how to use these can be quite daunting, but with the guidance of a seasoned user can be invaluable.

This would be ideal for:
– GCSE or A Level Music students who are using notation software for their companions and projects.
– Pupils who are learning an instrument and would like to learn how to record their playing or performances.
– Any many others!

Lessons using software obviously comes with certain restrictions, namely the student having the software themselves to use. Lessons are built for each individual and their needs, so if you have any particular requirements please contact Paul to chat in more detail.

Music Lessons FAQ