Here’s how it goes:

PAUL: Music Theory is fun!
STUDENT: Yeah right, whatever
PAUL: No really - take a look
Some time later
PAUL: See what I mean?
STUDENT: Oh yeah! Music Theory is fun!

Or at least, something a little bit like that.

But in all seriousness, Music Theory isn’t the most glamorous lesson to take is it? It is however an incredibly overlooked and important aspect to music. The ability to understand music as a language and how it works is massively beneficial and will only make you a better musician.

I liken it to having piano lessons is a bit like getting by on a weekend away in Paris with the memory of your GCSE French Speaking exam to get by, with the occasional pointing and talking louder and quite competently getting by. On the other hand the person who has piano lessons and also studies music theory is fully immersed in French culture and language and spends a gap year learning and living in Paris.

Not really the same thing, but you get the idea!

When you get into the music, and the mathematics, and the science, and the logic of music, as well as the emotion, and the feeling, and the pleasure of music you can’t escape wanting to know more. Paul is incredibly passionate about Music Theory and this will only help you to build on your knowledge and help you become a fully rounded musician.

“With the Music Theory teaching, Paul has enabled both my children to become well rounded, confident and accomplished performers. He has a teaching style that is encouraging and adaptive to the needs of the pupil.”

Ray – Pupil Parent

Paul runs a weekly Music Theory after school club, as well as individually tailored one to one sessions. For further information please get in touch with Paul via the contact page.

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